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Felicity's Chocolate

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Printed Chocolate Designs

Graphic print handmade Belgian chocolate shapes

Graphic printed Belgian chocolate
Printed chocolate example

Current flavours include milk, plain, white, key lime, orange, strawberry, honey, caramel, cappucino, honey ginger, milk ginger and plain ginger.

Current products include:

Packs of 4 chocolates shapes or more per box with choice of graphic printed edible transfers.

Ideal for wedding favour chocolates in boxes, or can be bought in bulk for your guests to 'pick and mix' with coffee to replace those tired mints or piece of fudge!

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Printed logoCommercial Printed Chocolate shapes

I can print your company logo using edible graphic print transfer onto Belgian chocolate.

Here's an example of some logos - please click the image to enlarge.

Graphic Print Examples

Credit Cars sized Chocolate bars

Graphic printed Belgian chocolate
Printed bars example

The chocolate bars are about the size of a credit card - small enough to enjoy but not too large for over indulging (unless you purchase quite a few at the same time and eat one after the other of course!).

Current flavours include strawberry, key-lime, honey, milk, dark, white, caramel, cappuccino and orange.

Chocolate bars come in individual packs to give you a wide variety of flavour choice.

No minimum order.

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Chocolate lollys in various designs


Ideal for small kids or grown-up kids these cute lollichocs will make every-one smile!

Current shapes include teddy bear, duck, bunny and Santa plus 3 slightly larger ones as hearts, snowman and a flower.

Flavours available are milk, dark, white, orange, caramel, key lime, strawberry, honey.

Make your birthday party or special occasion extra special with a selection of these unusual and unique lollichocs!

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Printed chocolate lolly making kits
Printed lolly kits example

Lolly Making Kits

These kits are a great idea for children's stockings and party bags, to give as a gift or just as that everyday treat! Children will have fun making their lollipops then the best bit is getting to eat the lovely lollies afterwards!

What's included?

Each pack contains 5 chocolate lollipop kits.

Each kit contains:

110g e milk chocolate
5 transfer designs
5 lollipop sticks

What else do I need?

Nothing, we've included everything you need but you can add your favourite treats to the lollies before they set!

Choose from Football, Birthday, Princess, Monsters, Animals, Reindeer and Santa edible transfers!

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Chocolate marshmallow stirrers
Chocolate marshmallow stirrers

Chocolate Stirrers

Belgian milk or white chocolate stirrers.

Choose your chocolate!

Belgian Chocolate on the end of a spoon! Simply stir into a mug of hot milk and watch as the drink turns a deep chocolatey brown… Comes with added marshmallows for an even more luxurious taste.

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Nougat de Montelimar
Nougat de Montelimar

Nougat de Montelimar

Naked, or milk chocolate dipped nougat

Delicious plain nougat or choose with milk Belgian chocolate coating.
Or have half and half – best of both!

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Salted caramel crunch
Salted caramel crunch

Salted caramel crunch slabs

Milk Belgian chocolate with salted caramel crunch.

Crunchy, chocolatey and tasty!

Find them in the Felicitys Chocolate shop.

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A pack of the traditional, delicious Scottish confection


Find itin the Felicitys Chocolate shop.

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Berryscrumptious Chocolates

Berry Scrumptious is run by Felicity and Rory from their rural Aberdeenshire 'Blackberry Cottage'. We have been making chocolate and fudge since 2012 and took over the running of Berry Scrumptious in October 2014. We are a small, innovative business who are very excited about all things berry!

At Berry Scrumptious we take strawberries and raspberries & produce a range of handmade & luxury chocolate gifts. Our range of luxury chocolate uses freshly freeze dried berries & includes fudges & chocolates, gift sets and berry chocolate bars.

Chocolate Bars

Raspberry and ginger with dark Belgian chocolate

Strawberry and pepper with dark Belgian chocolate

Raspberries with dark Belgian chocolate

Mulled berries with milk Belgian chocolate

Raspberries with white Belgian chocolate

Strawberries and cream

Delicious fruity hand-cut Belgian chocolate bars! in the shop
Swiss Milk Chocolate Hearts
Swiss Milk Chocolate Hearts

Red & Gold Foiled Swiss Milk Chocolate Hearts

Milk chocolate hearts wrapped in red and gold foil and available in 2 pack sizes.

Pack of 12 hearts

Pack of 24 hearts

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Berry Chocolate gift sets
Gift set example

Gift sets

A selection of different  fruity chocolates, hearts and fudge available in our varied gift sets.

Many different combinations are available in our on-line shop.

Presented in a gift box with gift wrap option.

Various prices to suit every pocket.

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Rocky road
Rocky Road

Rocky road

Our version of Rocky Road with milk chocolate, cranberries, our own handmade fudge, marshmallows and biscuit pieces.


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Plain or chocolate coated honecomb
Chocolate honeycomb

Honeycomb Chunks

Delicious chunks of honeycomb either naked or dipped in a choice of milk or plain chocolate.

You'll be back for more!


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