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Delicious Chocolate Facts from Felicity's armchair!

Felicity Macdonald in her armchair
Felicity Macdonald

Hi, welcome to this fun chocolate page, which will be added to on a monthly basis until I can't find any more facts!

  1. In the film psycho, Alfred Hitchcock used BOSCO CHOCOLATE SYRUP FOR BLOOD in the famous 45 second shower scene  which actually took 7 days to shoot.
  2. 76% of Americans say the ears of the chocolate bunnies should be eaten first.  5% think chocolate feet of the bunnies should be eaten first.  4% think the chocolate tails should go first.
  3. A recent study indicates that when MEN crave food, they tend to crave fat and salt.  When WOMEN crave food, they tend to desire CHOCOLATE.
  4. According to Italian researchers, women who eat chocolate regularly have a better sex life than those who do not.  They also had higher levels of desire, arousal and satisfaction from sex.
  5. Commercial chocolate usually contains such low amounts of cocoa solids that it is more likely the sugar that chocolate lovers are addicted to.
  6. The largest cuckoo clock made of chocolate can be found in Germany.
  7. A good fact for acne sufferers this one. Researchers have found no link between acne and chocolate. In fact, German researchers suggest that flavonoids in chocolate absorb uv light, which helps protect and increases blood flow to the skin, ultimately improving its appearance.
  8. Dark chocolate has been shown to be beneficial to human health, but milk chocolate, white chocolate, and other varieties are not. For dark chocolate to be beneficial, cacao or chocolate liquor should be the first ingredient listed, not sugar.
  9. Cacao trees can live to be 200 years old, but they produce marketable cocoa beans for only 25 years.

More fun facts will be added occasionally!