Felicity's Chocolates

Felicity's Chocolate bespoke designs

Bespoke Chocolate Designs

Graphic print handmade Belgian chocolate shapes

Current products include:

Packs of 8 shapes with choice of transfers;

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Felicity's Chocolate commercial prints

Commercial Printed Chocolate shapes

I can print your company logo using edible graphic print transfer onto Belgian chocolate.



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Felicity's Belgian Chocolate bars

Credit Card sized Chocolate bars

The chocolate bars are about the size of a credit card - small enough to enjoy but not too large for over indulging (unless you purchase quite a few at the same time and eat one after the other of course!).
Current flavours include strawberry, key-lime, honey, milk, dark, white, caramel, cappuccino and orange. 

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Felicity's Chocolate Lollichoc


Ideal for small kids or grown-up kids these cute lollichocs will make everyone smile!

Current shapes include teddy bear, duck, bunny and hearts.

Flavours available are milk, plain, white, orange, caramel, lemon, strawberry, honey, plain ginger, honey ginger, milk ginger and for an added 'snap crackle pop' all of these flavours can also have popping candy included.

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BerryScrumptious Chocolates

Berryscrumptious Chocolate bars

Chocolate Bars

Raspberry and ginger with dark Belgian chocolate

Strawberry and black pepper with dark Belgian chocolate

Raspberries with dark Belgian chocolate

Mulled berries with milk Belgian chocolate

Raspberries with white Belgian chocolate

Strawberries and cream

Delicious fruity hand-cut Belgian chocolate bars!

Berryscrumptious Chocolate bars

Fudge slabs

Raspberry and dark Belgian chocolate fudge

Raspberry and ginger fudge

Raspberry and white Belgain chocolate fudge

Strawberry shortcake fudge

Berryscrumptious fudge

Chocolate Hearts

Milk chocolate hearts wrapped in red and goild foil and available in 2 pack sizes.

Berryscrumptious gift sets

Gift sets

A selection of different combinations of chocolate and truffles in our varied gift sets

Berryscrumptious rocky road

Rocky road

Our version of Rocky Road with milk chocolate, cranberries, our own handmade fudge, marshmallows and biscuit pieces. YUM!

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